This school is officially banning the man bun

Man buns, the hot male hair trend of the moment (though some say man buns been supplanted by the man braid) have been both celebrated, and maligned. More recent (and objective) news warns that man buns might contribute to hair loss. However, none of the aforementioned reasons account for why one university has officially banned them, according to Seventeen.

Brigham Young University-Idaho is known as something of a stickler when it comes to neatness: they have an honor code that bans any clothing or style that is not “neat, clean or modest.” As reported by the BYU’s student newspaper Scroll, the BYU-I Student Services and Activities Vice President Kevin Miyasaki says, “As part of the dress and grooming code, we commit to avoid extreme hairstyles.” Miyasaki goes on to say, “A ‘man-bun’ would be considered not consistent with this standard.”

While it may seem that the honor code is extreme in and of itself, BYU-I students and faculty are held to this standard in order to create a “wholesome and professional environment” consistent with their beliefs as Mormons. As a result, many students are in favor of the man-bun ban: “I think there’s a difference between being stylish and appropriate,” Marivi Lugo, a junior studying communications, says in regard to her defense of the honor code.

One aspect of BYU-I’s honor code we can really get behind is how it’s enforced: students aren’t prevented from taking exams, and there isn’t an effort to make an example of them. Says Miyasaki, “The Testing Center is careful to not turn away students and attempts to remedy the situation.”

Instead, students in violation of the code are reported to the Student Honor Office so that the standards can be taught and clarified. This way, students aren’t singled out or made to miss class, both of which are popular policies with many schools that simply humiliate students and interfere with their education.

The man-bun ban may be sad news for BYU-I students who currently sport the trend, but at least BYU-I is handling the situation in a professional and wise manner. And for the record, we still kinda love man buns.

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