Olivia Harvey
Updated February 01, 2017
Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

During Sunday’s SAG Awards, we were completely mystified by Maisie Williams and her full-on glam red carpet ensemble. And then we were mystified even more when she changed out of her Jimmy Choo’s and slipped into a comfy pair of Converse to party the night away. But while we were looking at Williams’ dress, hair, purse, shoes, and entire being, we skimmed over a super cute addition to her outfit. Williams wore stellar star stud earrings and solidified her worldwide stardom – say that five times fast!

Paired with a set of glamorous diamond dangles, her little star studs added a bit of magic to her Old Hollywood look.

They also remind us that even though the Game of Thrones actress is wearing this mature ensemble, she’s definitely still a regular teenager.

Since getting her second holes pierced, Williams has been killing it at the cute stud game. To the Golden Globe Awards, she wore these beautiful, sparkly triangular earrings that she ended up pairing with some classic black hoops.

She wore a similar combo to the BAFTA TV Tea Party.

And we love the double diamond studs Williams wore to the Entertainment Weekly SAG Awards nominee party.

Getty Images / Michael Tran

Even pre-second piercing, Williams was stuntin’ in studs!

If Williams proved anything by flaunting those star studs on the SAG Awards red carpet, it’s that even the most simple of studs can be worn with the most elegant outfit. They’re an understated way to add a little whimsy to any look, whether you’re wearing a gown or just jeans and a tee!