It’s not Valentine’s Day quite yet, but you may already be sick of the heart-shaped, candy-lined drugstore shelves and endless articles about Valentine’s Day gift ideas for bae. We hear you. But our eternal style crush Maisie Williams just proved why you should absolutely spring for new lingerie soon, regardless of your relationship status or whether V-Day is fast-approaching.

Maisie took a trip to Victoria’s Secret recently, and she stocked up on some very sexy goodies that feature the brand’s signature pink satin and black lace. But Maisie’s caption proved that getting lingerie has nothing to do with an upcoming romantic holiday or even showing off for your S.O. — you should rock the sexy looks all for yourself.

Maisie posed alongside her gorgeous lingerie picks, captioning her photo:

We’re loving the message behind her post, which is that lingerie shouldn’t have to be for someone else. You should pick out some flirty undergarments that you love all for yourself, even if no one but your pets will see it.

While in the store, Maisie also fangirled over one of Bella Hadid’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Fhow outfits, which featured more than 6,000 crystals (!), and graciously snapped a photo before she left.

Bella looked gorgeous in the glamorous frock, of course. Check it out below.

Sure, Bella’s feathered and bedazzled look is stunning, but it’s hardly practical for most of us in real life. Instead, take props from Maisie and get yourself some new underthings that make you feel confident and gorgeous underneath your clothes.

You deserve to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, you foxy lady, you.