Bronwyn Isaac
January 10, 2017 12:39 pm
Harper's BAZAAR /

There are just a three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and Madonna’s true form as a photogenic pop diva. We’re of the mind that a better world would involve death and taxes getting canceled, while Madonna’s latest Harper’s Bazaar cover becomes the new image for US currency.

Can you imagine a world where we pay for our smoothies with dollar bills featuring a well-coiffed Madonna looking like an actress from the Golden Age of the silver screen? It would be a lovely, bizarre, and accurate representation of American culture. Until she is given the honored venue of the $2 bill, we can still honor Madonna’s recent work, both the modeling and interview, in her latest photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

In signature Madonna fashion, the cover features her done up in smoky eyes and a bold red lipstick.

The series of photos feature a black and white Madonna taking on a series of dramatic poses, which elicit a spectrum of emotions ranging from seductive to meditative.

All of them are serving a strong classic Hollywood aesthetic.

She looks like she’s about to light a cigarette and put on a record.

We support Madonna’s ability to pull off a fashion boa while looking somewhat serious.

In her full cover story, which you can read through the Harper’s Bazaar website, Madonna opened up about her strong convictions about women’s sexuality, and how we should not be censored in our modes of self-expression.

It’s worth noting that the profile was written by the fabulous Roxane Gay, who wrote the book Bad Feminist (a highly recommended read).

The cover story strikes a refreshing balance between a classic, glamorous photoshoot, and a profile that takes a deep dive into Madonna’s everyday meditations.

You can check out the full photoshoot and story online!