'Uno de 50' 20th Anniversary Party
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We’ve got to be honest — we love Lindsay Lohan. We will literally love her forever because we grew up watching The Parent Trap so many times that we wore the VHS out and had to buy a new one. (Side note: who else lost their ability to trust other human beings when they found out that Lindsay Lohan wasn’t a twin? Hands up, people. We know we’re not alone.) All this to say we’re perhaps a little biased when it comes to acknowledging her awesomeness — but hey, we’ve got to acknowledge her awesomeness, because she instagrammed a pic of herself in this amazing dress and we’re in loooooove all over again.

Seriously. She looks like a woodland nymph or something. DAMN, girl. Damn.

This picture of Lindsay Lohan makes her look like some kind of forest spirit who hangs out in the deepest, darkest parts of the woods waiting for unsuspecting men and women to wander toward her so she can, like, lure them to their doom with her beauty. Or just, you know, casually drive them mad because she’s clearly this perfect, mythical being to be adored and feared, but she also probably turns into a tree if somebody manages to escape her and brings back villagers to burn the witch or dryad or whatEVER.

The point is, she looks TOO good. She looks so good that we need to rewrite a Greek myth in order to explain how good she looks in this dress.

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Seriously, if anybody’s looking to cast Persephone — we’ve found your girl.