Alyssa Thorne
January 10, 2017 1:03 pm
David M. Benett/ Getty Images

Our longtime fave Lindsay Lohan attended the 14th Annual Firenze 4Ever Party looking as glamorous as we all know she is in an uber elegant black and white gown with a classic red lip. We’re pretty obsessed with this simple, elegant look — and clearly Lindsay is into it, too, because girl is GLOWING in the pictures.

This is basically the perfect, classy look for any event, but we think it’s especially suited for an event in ~Italy~. Not that we’re overly familiar with Italian style, but it’s just the sort of low-yet-high-key glam look we imagine Italians rocking all the time. Like, to pick up groceries, or walk their dog. Obviously.

We love everything about Lindsay’s look, and her face. She looks totally happy and radiant here, and we’re super into it.

Stefania D'Alessandro/ Getty Images

We also love the simple color scheme with the pop of red, and her classy AF silver jewelry. The hem of her dress is super unique, and adds visual interest — plus, her belt is so on-point. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS TOO GOOD.

Stefania D'Alessandro/ Getty Images

We, like most people, enjoy a good monochrome lewk, but so few of us can pull it off as well as Lindsay, as she has the unfair advantage of her amazing hair color.

Stefania D'Alessandro/ Getty Images

Like, guys. This is Ariel-level beautiful wavy red hair. We def spent a few minutes scanning the pictures for a glimpse of Sebastian.

UGH, and we didn’t even talk about her shoes. The perfect strappy complement to her already perfect outfit.

We thought we couldn’t love Lindsay any more after growing up watching her on The Parent Trap so many times that the VHS ate the tape, but we were so, so wrong.