Kit Steinkellner
Updated Nov 24, 2016 @ 9:48 am
Credit: Getty Images/Emma McIntyre

When we think “Chic AF” we tend to think couture gowns. Or shoes that look SO gorg but SO uncomfortable. Or jewelry that probably costs more than most people’s rent. The list goes on. However, at a recent art show, actress Lily Collins proved that you can make an oversized jean jacket look just as much like paparazzi bait as all these classic red carpet looks.

Credit: Getty Images/Emma McIntyre

Here’s how Lily Collins (probably with a little help from a stylist) made the chic happen. She kept the rest of her outfit incredibly sleek. Black leather pants, black booties, black statement purse.

It’s kind of a magic trick. The sleekness of the rest of her outfit elevates her jean jacket. The jean jacket gets to be the cool, unexpected focal piece in a sea of chic, but basic black. Boom. Collins just became our fashion inspo for the next time we go to a kickback kind of party..

Much as we’d like to, we can’t go around wearing ballgowns everywhere. That would be weirdsies. But we still want to elevate the casual when we can, and Collins shows us how it’s done.

Credit: Getty Images/Emma McIntyre

Also, shout out to her hair and makeup here. The bold berry lip is killer, as is the adorbs pink eyeshadow. And the low ponytail and parted bangs keep with the theme of “Casual but still SO CUTE.”

Fashion A for the day, Ms. Collins, fashion A for the day!