Sarah Terry
Updated Aug 30, 2016 @ 1:16 pm
lena dunham
Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Getty

We love Girls star Lena Dunham for her fantastic talents and her unabashed honesty, but we also love her for her unique style. She never wears quite what we all expect, and we think that’s fabulous. Today, she took to Instagram to post a look that maybe shouldn’t work, but it totally does!

Lena Dunham posted this adorable casual skirt look, and we totally want to steal it.

The thing we might love most about this is the caption. “New York City had to issue an urgent warning to its citizens: Lena Dunham is too cute and having too much fun and everybody better watch the fuck out 🐷”

SO true! We love the rock’n’roll vibe of her leopard print mini for a night out, but of course, Lena would think of the perfect way to wear that skirt for day. She pairs her leopard print with a bright purple tee, and we love the fun that it adds to rock a bright color with animal print. We also love that she keeps it comfy with tennis shoes, which also keeps the look the fun casual that we’re loving. Her choker and necklace combo also keep the look playful.

We love that when Lena doesn’t take fashion rules too seriously, she totally sets trends, because we are going to be trying the tee and skirt combo soon.

Thinking about our future skirt/tee combos like Lena’s makes us just want to dance.

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