Jessica Wakeman
Updated Jun 07, 2016 @ 4:07 pm
lena dunham monogrammed clutch

We’re obsessed with Lena Dunham’s CFDA Awards outfit last night for a lot of reasons, not the least of which were those amazing bunny slippers. But let’s not be distracted from her something else we loved about Lena’s outfit last night: the monogrammed bags — “LD” and “JK” — carried by her and her hot date, Jenni Konner.

When we were growing up, the preppiest kids in school carried around monogrammed L.L. Bean backpacks (and once we knew their initials, we spent the whole darn year trying to figure out what their middle names were). As adults, we love the idea of monograms on our stuff — but we don’t exactly live the kinda lifestyle where we’re pulling monogrammed hankies out of our lapels, if you know what we’re saying.

Enter Lena Dunham, who again and again gives us brilliant and easy ideas for monograms that are chic but not fussy — a monogrammed bag to give your going-out look a little personality:

Lena and Jenni’s bags look to be hard cases with a metal chain. Although we can’t find them online (yet!), you can try this $98 leather clutch from J.Crew, which is $10 extra with monogramming. A more budget-friendly option is this monogrammed synthetic leather Luxe Cross Body Clutch from MarleyLilley for $36.99.

And if you’re a crafty, you can DIY your own monogrammed bag with this faux leather clutch from Forever 21 for $17.90 and add your own iron-on patches from Michael’s for as little as 99 cents per letter. (Okay, so maybe iron-on patches is not actually monogramming, but fashion is all about taking liberties!)

We might not all walk the CFDA Awards red carpet, but we can spend the summer monogramming the heck out of our wardrobe — and we just might do it.

Update, 6/7/16, 7pm EST: Claire Vivier is the designer behind the Lena’s monogrammed clutch! She posted her own pic on Instagram on Jenny and Irene Neuwirth, the jewelry designer who made Lena’s necklace.