Credit: Ruth Grace/

We get it. Sometimes you just want to be left alone! No shame in feeling a little antisocial, or, er, a lot. Luckily, fellow antisocial human Ruth Grace decided to bless us all with the most genius invention of all: the “leave me alone” sweater. Ever since we came across this beautifully DIY-able “leave me alone” sweater, we’ve been dying to figure out how to copy it. TG for Ruth Grace, because this creative person decided to upload the instructions for how to make the sweater.

Plus, if you really dig it, you can vote to make this genius project available for purchase.

It starts as an adorable long, gray sweater dress. Totally seasonal, right? It gets better.

Credit: Ruth Grace/

But add a zipper, and the magic happens.

Credit: Ruth Grace/

BOOM. Honestly, we’ve never seen anything as amazing as this sweater. WE NEED IT.

Credit: Ruth Grace/

But because Ruth knows our souls, she also explained that it’s possible to add eye holes so you can move safely through the world in your “leave me alone” sweater.

TG for that bit of advice, because you already know that we’ll be rocking this way, way too often. Goodbye, world!