Learning Times with Mary Beth: How to Put on Eyeliner

A pretty basic skill, which I’ve never learned, is how to put on eyeliner. It seems so simple. I follow the instructions in the magazines but I always end up lopsided and with a bump in the middle. As I hurtle towards 40 this seems less and less ok, somehow. I don’t want a smudge of wiggled on mascara to stand in it’s place. I need to get it together and learn the real deal.

That is why this month we went to the Upper East Side apartment of my friend and co-worker, Jen. Although professionally she is a designer I asked her because, well, her eyeliner always looks perfect. Not gonna lie, I’ve been admiring it pretty much daily. She shows me a fast and easy way to do get it done.

The one on one instruction made all the difference in the world. Another lesson learned this month is to not be afraid to ask a friend for advice on the little things, no matter your age. I mean, who doesn’t like to know their skills are admired, especially by those they love? It’s a pretty sweet feeling.

I used this eyeliner pencil. I like it because I can use it everyday and it doesn’t get all stubby. Best part? There’s no chance of a wood bit scraping your eyelid.


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