Beth Stebner
April 24, 2015 10:40 am

In the world of plus-size swimwear, there’s historically been a divide for the holy trifecta of needs – supportive, sexy, and eco-friendly.

But a new line of bathing suits by Swimsuits for All, spearheaded by body-positive model and self-proclaimed “eco-warrior” and environmental scientist Laura Wells, hits all three points in the most awesome of ways.

Wells, who not only has a degree in environmental science, but holds a law degree as well (we have a serious science crush on her), originally approached the company with the idea.

After months of collaborating, Laura Wells for Swim Sexy was born.

The collection, which features three plus size bikinis and a one piece, are all made from eco-friendly and recycled fabrics and are available up to size 24. The suits feature vibrant prints like colorful florals and seascapes of coral reefs with some seriously sexy details like plunging necklines and triple-strapped backs.

“That’s what is so good about being in this industry,” Wells told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “You can just be a face to a label if you want, but you can also take your passions further and I am so lucky I have had the privilege to do that.”

Wells also works with environmental organizations like Greenpeace to ensure there will be clean, vibrant oceans to enjoy in the future.

“I’ve been able to harness (two) really important messages — positive body image and positive environmental awareness,” she told the Telegraph. “And to be able to put them together is great.”

So to recap: Wells is super smart, incredibly beautiful and talented, and into not only saving the oceans, but giving us cute things to wear in them. Does that about cover it?

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