Alyssa Morin
October 01, 2018 12:20 pm
Alyssa Morin / HelloGiggles; Getty Images; Valfre / Peralta Project / Honey B Gold

Every year, from September 15th through October 15th, the government honors and commemorates the Latinx community. Their contributions to the United States are not only recognized, but celebrated. If you’re a Latinx like me, then you know it’s basically a month-long fiesta.

While the official name for this holiday is National Hispanic Heritage Month, in more recent years, people have coined the more inclusive term, Latinx Heritage Month. It’s a better alternative to the word “Hispanic,” which has a negative connotation and is a more white-washed term.

To celebrate the Latinx community, we rounded up 19 pieces from our fave Latinx-owned fashion shops. All of these are small businesses, too. So you can look and feel good when you support these brands. There are a bunch of cheeky tees that will speak to your inner chingona, statement earrings that are one of a kind, and cute dad hats that will hide the fact you’re despeinada. Let’s get to shopping, shall we?

1Viva La Bonita Beautiful Shade of Brown Tee

Viva La Bonita
$29.99 Viva La Bonita SHOP IT Opens a new window

A tee that will make you proud of the skin you’re in.

2The Future Is Latina

$25 The Future Is Latina SHOP IT Opens a new window

We love a statement T-shirt that gets straight to the point.

3Daughter of an Immigrant Amor Black Unisex Sweatshirt

Daughter of an Immigrant
$35 Daughter of an Immigrant SHOP IT Opens a new window

Try not to sing J.Lo’s hit song “Amor, Amor, Amor” when you wear this sweater. Perfect for the cold months ahead.

4Mi Vida La Reina Siempre Jacket

Mi Vida Shop

Show your love for La Reina de Tejano with this fly jacket.

5The Mujerista Mujerista Unisex Tee

The Mujerista
$24.99 The Mujerista SHOP IT Opens a new window

Let your tee do all of the talking.

6Hija de tu Madre Sacred Coraźon on Trucker Jacket

Hija de tu Madre
$169 Hija de tu Madre SHOP IT Opens a new window

Wear your heart on your…back, with this bedazzled, one-of-a-kind jacket.

7Peralta Project Soraya Lichtenstein Tee

Peralta Project
$33 Peralta Project SHOP IT Opens a new window

One of the most popular telenovela villains, Soraya Montenegro, is forever immortalized on this tee.

8Su Ella Latin Legends Tee

Su Ella

The biggest Latina stars recognized on one tee? That’s what we call iconic.

9Gladis Alejandre Art Frida Earrings

Gladis Alejandre Art
$12 Gladis Alejandre Art SHOP IT Opens a new window

Channel your inner Frida with these earrings, and ponte las pilas.

10Hot Sundae Bustier Tee

Hot Sundae

Just like those boardwalk tees, but way better. This will make a great Halloween costume if you don’t have the time to create a full bedazzled bustier like Selena’s.

11KGNY Limited-Edition Afro-Latina Tee


The brand teamed up with artist Writings From Michael to bring you this delightful graphic tee.

12Wag City Clothing Puros Pinches Perros Dog Hat

Wag City Clothing
$23 Wag City Clothing SHOP IT Opens a new window

This shop will have your pet looking their Sunday best. Plus, it carries adult clothes and accessories so you and your furry friend can match.

13Honey B Gold Pillow Talk Jumbo Hoops

Honey B Gold

You can never have too many gold hoops, and you’ll want to buy some from this Beyoncé-approved shop. She wore a custom Honey B Gold necklace for the “Apeshit” video.

14Green Box Shop Prout Latina Tee

Green Box Shop
$18.99 Green Box Shop SHOP IT Opens a new window

An affirmation we didn’t know we needed.

15Jen Zeano Designs Cabrona Pero Cute Tee

Jen Zeano Designs
$30 Jen Zeano Designs SHOP IT Opens a new window

Our forever mood. Plus, we love the Corona-themed font; a nice touch.

16Bella Doña Mujer Tee

Bella Dona

We love a tee that empowers us with one simple word—mujer.

17Valfré La Diabla Pin


Put this Lotería-inspired pin onto your denim jacket when you’re feeling a little saucy.

18Nalgona Positive Shop Support the Dreams of Young Girls of Color Tee

$26.50 Nalgona Positive Shop SHOP IT Opens a new window

A message we can get behind.

19Spanglish Threadz Carcacha Tee

Spanglish Threadz
$19 Spanglish Threadz SHOP IT Opens a new window

It would be wrong to not listen to Selena’s song while wearing this tank.