Your denim jacket collection is about to get a serious DIY makeover with Laser Kitten’s new glitter puffy paint collection. Remember puffy paint? It was a major do-it-yourself fashion trend in the ’80s and ’90s — the exact era that inspires the aesthetic of the colorful L.A. lifestyle brand.

Laser Kitten’s newest offerings include a set of the 3D fabric paint in fun glitter shades ($15). If paint’s not your thing, there’s also a set of 20 fine-tip fabric markers ($20), so you can doodle on your jeans, junior high style! The sky’s the limit with design options, but if you’re the type that needs a little bit of guidance, there are two cute stencils to get you started.

Paint the rainbow.

These ain’t your auntie’s puffy paints! The holo label and Laser Kitten label are going to stand out in your craft bin.

“Hollyweird” is a pastel glitter.

Other colors include Funshine (a bright yellow) and Spooky Babe for the glitter goth hotties.

Fabric markers so you can doodle everything your heart desires.

Combine with paint for some fun textures and designs.

The pizza de resistance.

Credit: Laser Kitten

The Pizza Besties Glitter Stencil ($12) lets you split a pie with your bestie! (Of course, if you want to keep the whole thing, we won’t judge.)

Rainbow Kitten Glitter Stencil, $12

Credit: Laser Kitten

The back of your jacket just achieved icon status.

If you’re in or going to be in Los Angeles, you can make an appointment to visit Laser Kitten’s showroom and get your bedazzle on!

Check out our Facebook Live video with Laser Kitten, and see some craftin’ in action. You just might get some DIY inspo!

Buy the Laser Kitten DIY line on, $12-$20.