When you’ve reached cultural icon status by way of both your talent and your clothes, you better take both very seriously, and Lady Gaga absolutely does. According to TMZ, who purportedly got hold of Lady Gaga’s rider for her ongoing artRAVE tour, her wardrobe requires some ultra-VIP care.

First off and entirely reasonably, her wardrobe requires its own suite, and it better be decorated (or undecorated, really) to taste. TMZ claims the rider requires the suite to be “completely emptied of all furniture, beds, tables, desks … anything not permanently attached to the walls or floor to be removed.”

In place of the unsuitable furniture, Gaga’s clothes suite must include 4 rolling wardrobe racks, 30 hangers, an iron, steamer, and “four 6-foot banquet tables covered in linen.” All of those actually seem pretty sensible- we’re guessing that the banquet tables are to lay clothes out in preparation; although hey, if Gaga wants to throw a feast in there while getting dressed, we’re okay with that, too.

Gaga’s team is on the extra-cautious side as well; the rider additionally requires that her people be exempted from “any dress code which your hotel might have.” We know, fair is fair, but if the hotel is hosting a woman who wears dresses carved out of meat and occasionally goes topless while performing, they better be prepared to handle this level of fashion-forwardness:

Security around her ladyship is no joke either; Gaga’s security team arrives up to 2 days in advance to sweep the hotel, both for her protection and her wardrobes. This also shouldn’t be too shocking, as the performer revealed her tour clothes can run into the millions, and once, even bankrupted her!

With all the pageantry associated with Lady Gaga, none of these tour requirements seem particularly off base. Let us remember we live in a rock-star culture where stars have requested 5 foot tall inflatable animals , brand new toilet seats, and refrigerator door requirements.

(Image via Shutterstock)