Olivia Harvey
Updated Jan 12, 2017 @ 12:45 pm
Lady Gaga
Credit: Getty Images / Samir Hussein

It’s hard to pick a favorite stage of Lady Gaga. Do we love OG “Bad Romance” Gaga the best? Or maybe our hearts are with Jo Calderone from the “You and I” music video. But now there’s Joanne and — we can’t choose and we won’t choose! We love every Lady Gaga that ever was and ever will be, including Gaga’s most recent fashion phase, “stars and dinosaurs Gaga.”

The world-famous pop musician posted a picture on Instagram yesterday showing herself hanging out with her very sleepy dog pack. In the photo, Gaga is wearing a black and pink dinosaur sweater paired with distressed jeans that have painted stars on them.

Everything is perfect. We are content.

Gaga’s sweater is the Saint Laurent “Oversized Dinosaur Sweater” that retails for $990. Who knew scaly green dinos could be so posh?

Credit: Saint Laurent

Unfortunately the design is one that is so unique that there aren’t a lot of dupes on the market. We’re sure that if you did some digging, you might be able to unearth a fossil of this thing for a lot cheaper, but you might be risking doing business with an unreliable site. For this piece, we recommend you either start saving now, take out a loan, or find something that’s more affordable that is along the same comedic lines.

Gaga’s jeans, on the other hand, are a lot easier to find dupes of or recreate yourself. We’re not entirely sure what designer made Gaga’s jeans, but we do know that ASOS has three different pairs of affordable distressed star jeans that will definitely float your boat.

These Glamorous Distressed Jeans with Sequin Stars ($34) are definitely Gaga-esque.

Credit: ASOS

As are these gray Glamorous Tall Star Distressed Boyfriend Jeans ($29).

Credit: ASOS

And for those of us who want a little less glitter without forfeiting the star motif? Try these Noisy May Girlfriend Ankle Grazer Jeans ($38) for size.

Credit: ASOS

Plus, when it doubt, DIY your own star jeans using a stencil and fabric paint from the craft store!

So maybe our new favorite Gaga is “dinosaur and stars Gaga.” But honestly, we know that will change as soon as she posts her next Instagram.