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We all have our go-to favorite shoes. For some it’s a heeled boot. For others, a sneaker. And for many, it’s none other than the classic Duck Boot from L.L.Bean. With the contrasting, plastic toe and the all-over weatherproof-ness of the shoe, it makes sense that the boot has amassed a cult following. And now, L.L.Bean has redesigned the classic Duck Boot to appeal to an even wider audience! Reimagined in new color and style, like plum and burnt orange, the brand is creating their new versions in small batch editions, so you’ll want to get them before they sell out.

Credit: L.L.Bean

But color isn’t the only thing that’s getting an upgrade with the boot. Think new silhouettes, like a 16″ version and chelsea boot style. Instead of rolling out all the new designs at once, however, the brand is releasing different “batches” for each season. So while we can shop the spring batch now, we’ll have to wait until August for the summer batch, September for the fall batch, and November for the winter batch. The extra awesome part is that each season has something special about it. There will even be flannel and fleece-lined boots so your feet will be extra warm (and dry!) in the winter months.

Credit: L.L.Bean

With new combinations like an orange sole or a cranberry and dusty blue body, there’s sure to be something that makes you quack with joy.