Ashley Rey
March 26, 2017 8:35 am
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

One of our greatest childhood memories, aside from boy bands and Clarissa Explains It All, is Fruit Stripe Gum. And stand-up comedian Kristen Schaal just rocked a fun dress that’s reminiscent of the fruity treat. Kristen donned the striped getup at the recent screening of Bob’s Burgers during Paleyfest this week, and we’re kind of obsessed.

Might we also add that her yummy frock totally looks like something 9-year-old Louise Belcher would wear? Yeah… Kristen is definitely sending some all too appropriate Bob’s Burgers vibes on the carpet. And she looks fierce!

Hello, fun! Kristen looks crazy cute in her colorful dress. And we just love how her lip and nail color are almost too perfect.

The beautiful talent dressed down her look with a pair of dainty socks and white oxfords. She looks so adorable, it’s ridiculous!

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Kristen took her Paleyfest attire to a whole new level. It’s always so refreshing to see celebs having fun on the carpet. And Kristen’s outfit is serving up a whole entire platter of enjoyment.

In case you need a reminder on the gorgeousness of Fruit Stripe gum, we have one.

This zebra-striped gum, which has been around since the late ’60s, was always the ultimate in colorful treats. Check out this amazing retro commercial for it:

We’ll definitely be keeping a close watch on what this beauty brings to the carpet and events next. And we’re hopeful that the look will be just as carefree, cheerful, and possibly gum-inspired as this one.