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Alyssa Thorne
September 29, 2016 4:13 pm

Hello, we’re Giggles and if you haven’t noticed yet were are pretty seriously OBSESSED with nineties/early ’00s fashion. Even though fashion from the nineties had its down sides, there’s just something about a choker necklace that takes us back in the BEST way.

So obviously we’re TOTALLY here for the nineties revival that seems to be cropping up lately. (Sidenote: we don’t have studies to prove this, but we feel strongly that LA is trapped in some kind of nineties vortex. Seriously. Flannels around every waist. Beanies in hot weather. The nineties are definitely making a comeback but we also think this is skewed because most celebrities who get photographed looking like they’re walking off the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer live in LA.)

Kim Kardashian recently made our list of people championing our favorite style decade when she stepped out to a fashion show in these amaaaazing track pants. And a choker. Swoon.

Marc Piasecki/ Getty Images

She looks like the long lost member of 3LW. Where’s her girl band? She’s already got the perfect outfit to blast out some soulfully harmonized pop about scrubby dudes.

Marc Piasecki/ Getty Images

Seriously. These pants are amazing. We need to know where she got them IMMEDIATELY.

Marc Piasecki/ Getty Images


With athleisure trending and showing no sign of stopping any time soon, we’re super into this look because it combines two of humankind’s best inventions: fashionable comfy clothes and nineties/2000s vibes. BRB, worshipping at the altar of Kim Kardashian’s track pants.

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