Karen Fratti
Updated September 09, 2017 11:59 am
Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

We all know by now that Kim Kardashian West can literally pull off anything she wants to when it comes to fashion. But did you ever think you’d see Kim Kardashian wearing a fanny pack at New York Fashion Week? Yeah, same here. But it’s true! And you know what? If anyone is going to convince us to scour for some cute fanny packs at our local vintage or secondhand store, it’s Kim K.

She makes a fanny pack look cool.

Fanny packs get a bad rep for being worn only by dorks and unsuspecting tourist dads, but they’re actually really useful. Instead of having to literally clutch your belongings all night while you’re out, you can pack them in a little bag that doubles as a belt. Kendall Jenner even rocked one earlier this year.

It’s not like you can just pick out any old fanny pack, though (or maybe you can — the possibilities are endless!). Kim rocked a vintage brown Miu Miu fanny pack with a mini Alaïa cardigan and Calvin Klein body-con skirt. It was sort of the perfect fall look, as well as being totally functional as she strutted her stuff from runway show to runway show. Though this wasn’t the only head-spinning look she rocked this week.

On Friday night, she went out to the Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards wearing nothing but black string underwear under sheer black tights with a bandeau bra top under a fitted leather jacket, a tiny handbag (not a fanny pack), and PVC heels by Kanye West.

We get it: Putting on jeans after a summer of endless guacamole and margarita BBQ parties can be tough. Who knew we could skip pants altogether? With the return of the fanny pack and bodysuit at this fall’s New York Fashion Week, we’re having trouble choosing our favorite back-to-school look.