Kendall Jenner for La Perla
Credit: La Perla /

Today more than ever we need some serious feminist content to flood our social media feeds. Luckily for us, Kendall Jenner just appeared in a recent La Perla lingerie campaign and it's feminist AF. Fashion photographer Steven Klein shot the models in front of iconic feminist symbolism like Victorian corsets and burning bras. His concept for the campaign revolved around the idea of, "the liberation of every woman from the need to suffer for beauty." Ugh, finally!

"Kendall Jenner is the new star of this campaign," states La Perla's website. The mission statement continues with, "Adding her unique self-assured elegance and contemporary charisma, Kendall highlights the modernity of each piece she wears."

Modernity is definitely highlighted in this photo, which captures Jenner breaking through a literal glass ceiling. Praise, Kendall. Praise.

In this shot she shines a flashlight directly into the camera.

As a nod to the pain we females had to endure back when corsets were a thing, Jenner showcases a breathable and modern alternative here.

Fellow La Perla campaign models Isabeli Fontana and Liu Went also ~smolder~ in these photos.

Check out Fontana “adding her provocative allure” to the campaign’s concept.

And Went is a woman to be reckoned with in this colorful, silk, ready-to-wear dress.

We said it once, but it deserves repeating: We will take overt feminist overtones wherever we can get them today.