Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 01, 2016 @ 8:59 am
Credit: Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

There is only one appropriate word for Kendall Jenner’s recent runway outfit at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris: SLAY.

Seriously, she pulled off an incredible feat when she donned lacy red lingerie, thigh-high boots, and huge blue feathered wings. Yes that’s right, wings. Now add some bold earrings and a neckpiece to that ensemble, and the end result is mash-up perfection.

Have you noticed how Jenner projects a badass confidence (on and off the runway)? Some people might feel inhibited — nay, intimidated — wearing such a loud outfit, but not this girl. Look at her go!

Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

And it’s great to see Jenner receiving support from her family.

She did get her wings, indeed. Is it cool to say we feel like a proud mama? Wait, her actual mom is proud. Awwww.

We couldn’t be more impressed with how Jenner is taking on the modeling world, because hard work deserves every success.

So many CONGRATS to this girl.

We might be trying to recreate her runway look for the next costume party…because why not? We’re all about the heavenly peacock!

H/T: People