Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Besides posting pictures of adorable cats and sometimes inspiring, gratuitous shots of who-knows-what, Instagram is the ideal place to test out new outfits, even more so when you’re a celebrity who regularly switches up their look. We immediately fell in love when Keke Palmer of Scream Queens posted a photo of herself dressed in a retro-inspired, Brady Bunch-esque outfit. Giving off some definite vintage babe vibes, Palmer posed for the camera in a bright yellow turtleneck, a tan jumper, pink stilettos and long red hair — and looked like a million bucks doing it.

Can we all collectively agree that Palmer’s ability to pull off a yellow turtleneck is the exception?! We’re not going to attempt to mimic a sun-yellow turtleneck with the same flair as Palmer, she can claim that ability.

The outfit gives off some definite Marcia Brady meets Velma from Scooby-Doo steez, but with the needed flair of Palmer herself.

She is not only pulling this look off, she is dominating it.

Will the ever-stylish Palmer experiment more with her newfound jumper?! Or is this a one-off fall look to tease the fans with?!

Whatever vintage character Palmer decides to channel next, we are here for it.