Whomever said fashion isn’t political has obviously never seen The Devil Wears Prada. And they probably haven’t heard that Katy Perry just named a shoe after Hillary Clinton. Yes, you read that right. Katy — who campaigned heavily for Hillary before the election and whose Grammy outfit was a nod to the First Lady *see white pantsuit and “PERSIST” armband) — just announced she’s designing a line of shoes; and that one of them will be named “Hillary.”

The collection, which launches on February 16th, features shoes named after some of Katy’s favorite women, which obviously includes Hillary Rodham Clinton herself. Even though we’re sure we will love the other 39 pieces in this collection, yes 39, we think the “Hillary” may be our favorite. false

The shoe comes in a soft baby pink and features a stacked lucite heel that’s filled with gold stars. And although it wasn’t inspired by Hillary’s aesthetic, the shoe is meant to put a “pep in her step,” Katy told People. Katy didn’t model the shoes after the women, but did choose the names based on what shoe she though best represented each lady.

This collection features everything from a Havana-inspired shoe with a cigar heel to a boot with a dollar sign emblazoned on it, so you know it really is Katy’s collection.

If her shoes are as bold as her style, then we’ll probably be spending all of our money on Katy Perry Collections, no shame necessary.