Listen, we’re not entirely convinced that Katy Perry is from this planet. Between her futuristic fashion, stunning good looks, and out-of-this-world voice, we’re like, “Uh, are you real?” And now we have to grapple with the fact that Perry’s Vogue cover shoot has her looking like she’s from a different dimension. (We have more than enough evidence to start a conspiracy here!)

We have to agree.

Perry was placed into several Comme des Garçons creations for her shoot. The pieces certainly aren’t something you could wear grocery shopping. But, then again, perhaps on Perry’s planet, these robes are the norm.

Judy Jetson anyone?

Just as soon as we think Perry is from the future, we see her in a Victorian bridal ensemble. So on top of being some sort of alien life form, she must be a time traveler as well!

And maybe she’s stuck, fluctuating between past and present. She needs our help! Fire up the DeLorean, Doc!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where Perry’s home planet is. Her mission here on Earth is to bring us joy. She told Bowles,

Extraterrestrial or not, Katy Perry will always be welcome on planet Earth!