Kate Hudson
Credit: Josh Brasted / Getty Images

Kate Hudson is known for being a down-to-earth and approachable trendsetter. Her easygoing attitude and comedic timing has made her into a household name. Just start to list romantic comedies and see how many times her name comes up. It’s no wonder the actress/fashion designer/mogul was able to drop another trend on us through her Instagram account. Introducing: Kate Hudson’s Sandal Sock.

Most people, including Kate’s friend Chelsea Handler, are against the concept of socks and sandals on a person. Yet, we bet if any of them saw Kate’s invention they would think twice before knocking it down.

It’s truly a look that’s good for kicking back with a glass of wine on a weekday or for relaxing on a long flight — or just something you wear on a daily basis because you are a grown ass woman who doesn’t need to explain herself.

So if you are looking to emulate this trend for yourself, bust out a pair of your furriest socks and go to town! Here are some options you can look at for inspiration.

Kate Hudson is proving to be a very down-to-earth celebrity recently. Last weekend, she documented her drive to Desert Trip with pal Stella McCartney – and she was driving.

Although that seems really normal for us non-celebrities, it’s rare to see celebs driving themselves places these days. Most of the time they have drivers taking them. And when Kate Hudson isn’t setting the Instagram world ablaze with her ideas, you can catch her working hard on her brand, Fabletics.

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!