Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Coming up with a creative Halloween costume is no easy feat, as one celeb acknowledged this year. This was demonstrated when The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco didn’t have a Halloween costume this October 31st, but she still managed to embrace the holiday.

By wearing super adorable skull leggings and a ripped, pun-tastic shirt about the “Boo gie,” Cuoco proved that you don’t have to have an elaborate outfit to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve.

Some years, no good Halloween costume ideas come to mind, no matter how many characters, actors, or inanimate objects you consider. Or you might be a person who doesn’t support the whole adults dressing up for Halloween thing. (I personally don’t understand, but I’ll respect your decision).

No matter your viewpoint, you’ve probably been in the same camp as Cuoco was for Halloween 2016.

The Penny actress admitted she had struggled with gearing up this Halloween, writing, “Literally all I could come up with this year” and used #lazyhalloween. While I admire that some celebrities are known for going all out for the holiday, like Neil Patrick Harris and his family, it’s also refreshing to see one famous person handle Halloween in a totally relatable way.

Though she was out and about in her Instagram photo, Cuoco’s outfit was pretty much designed to lounge around and hand out candy to kids who were trick-or-treating.

Plus, I am totally jealous of her punny skeleton shirt, which unfortunately, looks like it’s all sold out.

Although Cuoco has been known to channel other celebrities for her Halloween costumes — like in 2014, when her and her husband at the time dressed up like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (respectively!) — she kept it chill this year.

There’s no shame in not dressing up for Halloween and as Cuoco showed, if you were having a #LazyHalloween in 2016, you were far from alone.