Revlon's Annual Philanthropic Luncheon
Credit: Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images

At the Revlon Annual Philanthropic Luncheon, Julianne Hough looked stunning in front of the cameras in a sheer black dress. The 28-year-old most known from her presence on Dancing with the Stars looked like a poem come to life at the charity luncheon. Known to kill it with her red carpet looks, Hough’s blue eyes nearly glowed beneath the smoky dark eye makeup which perfectly paired with her lacy ensemble.

We GET it Hough, you’re genetically gifted enough to elevate goth aesthetics into a model-esque rebranding of the weeping fishnet many of us wore in our teenage years.

Credit: David Livingston / Getty Images

Her minimalist strappy heels and her black clutch complete the look.

Even her engagement ring (which is the size of some small countries) brings the look together.

Credit: Jon Kapoloff / Getty Images

Her cheek accents do a wonderful job of tying in her bold eyeshadow with the softer lip look.

Credit: Jon Kapoloff / Getty Images

How did she eat without freaking out about staining her dress?! Did they have mustard at this luncheon? How isn’t there some sort of condiment on her gorgeous black frock?!

Credit: Donato Sardella / Getty Images

I guess we’ll have to chalk her well-kept red carpet goth look up to some good old-fashioned black magic.