Trilby Beresford
Updated Jan 19, 2017 @ 1:24 pm

Last night at the People’s Choice Awards, there were many inspired outfits that caught our eye. But one member of Fuller House was particularly badass, because her ensemble incorporated a black leather jacket and a long, flowing dress. It was graceful and feminine with a touch of biker chick attitude.

Of course we’re talking about Jodie Sweetin’s People’s Choice Awards ensemble, who wore a princess-like Sherri Hill floral ball gown with a cropped leather jacket from the Linea Pell Collection. Damn, girl!

Not only did the jacket and dress compliment each other perfectly, but Sweetin’s deep red lipstick was right on-point. We just dig how it matches the flowers on her dress. And see that tiny little clutch she’s holding? Yeah, Annie Diamantidis knows what’s up.

It really was a glam squad, because Sweetin had a different designer and artist for each part of her look. And it worked like a charm.

Oh, and we’re thrilled that Fuller House won Favorite Premium Comedy!

Look at all those beaming faces.

And it appears that the cast celebrated in style. false

Incidentally…today is Sweetin’s 35th birthday! So we’re sending her the biggest bunch of best wishes.

via giphyWe’re hoping that the award and birthday celebrations are continuing for Sweetin, because she deserves it. And um, Jodie? We might be experimenting with jackets and gowns in the near future…thanks for the inspo!