Credit: JNCO

If you are functioning under the assumption it is 2017, then we hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong. It’s actually 1997. It must be, because JNCO jeans are officially back. Only this time they’re getting a super high-fashion, luxe makeover (yes, seriously!).

Yep, it’s true. Those baggy, oversized jeans from the ’90s, famously worn by skaters, ravers, and Seth Green in Can’t Hardly Wait, are the latest ’90s staple making a comeback, and chances are good that everyone from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner will be rocking the look soon.

Just about two years ago, JNCO jeans announced their comeback, proving that we’re all ready to say “sayonara” to skinny jeans and that baggy is officially back. And now Balenciaga is making their own version of JNCO jeans, so these wide-legged wonders are sure to attract the likes of every fashionista around.

Credit: Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

If you’re looking to rock the trend yourself, Balenciaga’s extra wide-leg jeans will cost you a pretty penny (they run for $755), but fear not: You can still get the official JNCO jeans on their website for under $70. Pair ’em with your favorite baby tee, oversized headphones, and backwards baseball cap and you’re a modern-day cool kid.

Check out Balenciaga’s version, which you can pre-order at Barneys New York.

Credit: Barneys New York

And check out JNCO’s, which are totally wearable paired with your vintage jelly bracelets, a crop top tee, and all the sass you had in the ’90s.

Credit: JNCO

Tight, constrictive skinny jeans? As if. In 2017, the wider the leg, the better. All you need as an accessory is your brother’s old skateboard and you’re set. This is ragin’, guys.