Emily Baines
Updated Jan 29, 2017 @ 11:08 am
Credit: John Sciulli / Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is not afraid to honor her roots. At the recent launch of her shoe line with Giuseppe Zanotti, Jennifer Lopez opened up about how she named her shoes…and her reasons will make you smile. Of course, she is always very open about her struggles to stay grounded. Even when she’s being complimented on her fantastic style, JLo stays true to herself (not to mention her family).

So here’s what Jennifer Lopez had to say about her new shoe line, according to People.

How sweet is that? We love it. Seriously, could she be any more loving?

Clearly, the shoes are meant to match Jennifer’s own unique style, which means they are both feminine and sexy. We’ll be honest, when we think of Jennifer Lopez, we think of both those words.

Check out some of Jennifer Lopez’s new shoe line below.

Credit: John Sciulli / Getty Images

JLo herself models the “Leslie,” which is her favorite because it is the most minimally designed in the collection.

But, in typical Jennifer fashion, there are plenty of much more dramatic options.

And yet, we have no problem imagining the fashion icon and superstar rocking any of the looks above. Seriously, we sure wish we were members of JLo’s family! And those are some fierce shoes. We bet the members of her family feel seriously honored. After all, who doesn’t dream of having a shoe named after them?