Gina Florio
Updated January 10, 2017 8:36 am

People had a lot to say when Kylie Jenner revealed a pair of jeans that had a couple rips in an unexpected place. In August of last year, she posted a picture on Instagram of herself wearing a pair of jeans that had a rip not around the knee or thigh where you’d normally expect to find it, but rather on her ass, just at the bottom of her butt cheeks.

They were instantly nicknamed the “butt rip” jeans, or the “butt cleavage” jeans. We loved the bare butt denim look, but not everyone did. Regardless of the haters, this style of denim has only gained popularity. Because…Kylie.

Today, you can get yourself a similar pair of these sexy jeans from RE/DONE. The only thing is, they cost $300. We’re not Kylie, so spending that much on denim ain’t so easy. But look at ’em. They give us life.

They’re called the Ass Rip Collection, they’re high-waisted, and you can find them in a few different washes. These jeans are a little bit more low-key than Kylie’s, considering the fact that the rip is only on one butt cheek, and it’s a more narrow tear. Oh, and it doesn’t sit as high on the ass as the rips on Kylie’s.

As gorgeous as these are, keep this in mind if you just can’t justify spending a chunk of your rent on ripped denim: Kylie ripped her jeans on her own. So if you have a pair of denim you absolutely love, and you feel like doing a little bit of a fashion experiment at home, take a pair of scissors and strategically rip your way to glory, because your butt was born to shine.