Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 15, 2016 @ 4:21 pm
Credit: AYR / https://www.ayr.com/products/the-form#19051002310

On one thing we can all agree: 99% of jeans are from hell. They pinch and squeeze and squish in ways that leave us feeling uncomfortable and unsexy AF. But sometimes we reach that 1% of jeans that does our body good, and those are The Form Jean. According to Refinery29, these denim beauties by AYR had a 600 person-long wait-list BEFORE it even launched. And the second round? Sold out ASAP. But, friends, these jeans are back.

Credit: Comedy Central/ giphy.com

And if you don’t buy them we are *quite* confident you will be filled with regret, and a lil’ bit of FOMO when you see your friends tugging on and rocking their jeans with ease. While, you know, you do the cute little hopping-into-your-skinnies dance, which we all know isn’t the least bit cute.

Meet the magic jeans.

They’re 100% cotton denim, which is confusing but sounds perfect.

Credit: AYR / https://www.ayr.com/products/the-form#19051002310

Because all denim should be cozy AF.

They’re already worn in so you don’t have to do all that horrible work to make them cozy.

Credit: AYR / www.ayr.com

Just the right amount of wear and fraying for ~chill~ vibes.

They make your butt look fab.

Credit: AYR / www.ayr.com

Hello, #BootyGoals.

And they’re flattering to all body types, because finally.

Credit: AYR / www.ayr.com

We love the cut, and we love that they promise to flatter all of us.