Credit: instagram / @januaryjones

Is that you Betty Draper? So much for the form fitting Sunday best of the ‘50s, because January Jones just stepped into the dreamiest wide-leg jumpsuit we’ve seen since the Mad Men era (and maybe beyond!). The actress posted a photo to Instagram of her holding out her patterned suit to each side, honoring the flared, wide legs of the ‘70s in a very 2017 way. The jumpsuit is part of TOME’s exciting clothing line. TOME won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund a few years ago and has since taken on a life its own; it’s creators call it “relevant, pure and very essential.” Impossible to know if they were describing this exact wide-leg jumpsuit but we would definitely call it all of those things.

“If a woman can’t make it a part of her life, then it’s audacious for us to suggest it,” said one of TOME’s creators about their intricate and universal pieces. “It’s the balance of desire and necessity. She has to need it, and she has to want it.”

Well, we want this suit!

Pretty enough to slip on to attend a wedding, casual enough to throw on before brunch. This piece is a whole outfit, decided in like, 5 seconds. Can you imagine packing this in your suitcase for a trip to Europe? So easy and elegant!

The Last Man on Earth star joined Kristen Bell in co-hosting the event for brands TOME, Swarovski, and Freedom For All to “celebrate TOME’s charitable White Shirt Project initiative during Human Trafficking Awareness Month.” You can emulate this style by cinching a flowy jumpsuit at the waist with a wide belt, or even faking it by tucking a loose fitting blouse into some high-waisted wide-legged flares. Or you could always fork over the $23 for this one.