Emily Gagne
Updated Jun 01, 2015 @ 2:10 pm

She might not have won the Hunger Games (STILL SOBBING!), but Rue — a.k.a. actress Amandla Stenberg — totally owned prom season 2015, and she got a little help from reigning prom 2015 superhero Jaden Smith.

As Amandla revealed on her Instagram Friday, she went to her high school prom with none other than Jaden and the duo looked like the coolest kids at any prom ever. Seriously, if you check out the pics below, you might think these two were going to the biggest, baddest Capitol party. Nope, they were just attending that regular ol’ teenage ritual where most us can be seen trying to pull off the best dress our JC Penney gift cards could buy.

Just look at them:

Like, look at her grey braids and classy septum ring right there, not to mention her slammin’ gold dress! And Jaden’s gold and white glove peeking out of his classy suit jacket, complimented by his crazy cool undone hair, dress, and black and white kicks? So. Much. Style.

And if Jaden and Amandla weren’t already nailing it, apparently Jaden was a total gentleman the whole night. At least that’s what she called him in this adorable photo of him smelling his classy corsage.

Oh, and in between hanging out with Jaden, Amandla made sure to take some pics with her gal pals, who were also BRINGING IT in the fashion and posing departments. Charlie’s Angels style.

Basically, these kids just gave us license to bring our formal wear to the next level. Or invite Jaden and/or Amandla as our plus one to all future events.

Images via here, here, here and here.