jackie kennedy
Credit: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Jackie Kennedy is one of those timeless figures that leaves us wondering about her life long after she’s gone. Since she was the First Lady, many of us feel like we know her, though that’s obviously not the case. Jackie was notoriously private so there is a lot we’re still learning about the iconic woman’s real life.

However, we’re about to learn a little more, since her longtime assistant Kathy McKeon just wrote a book. Jackie’s Girl is due out on May 9. But some fascinating information from it has already started to become public. One interesting tidbit from the book totally makes sense.

Jackie Kennedy arranged her entire closet by color.

That is so ambitious, and we’re seriously impressed! We’ve all certainly tried to arrange our closets by color, but it never goes well. We get tired of organization a couple minutes in. Jackie Kennedy, however, had all of her outfits and shoes arranged in color order.

McKeon describe to People the wardrobe paradise.

We all knew Jackie had a fabulous wardrobe, but this makes us realize it was still as fabulous behind-the-scenes. How awesome would it be if you could see all your outfit combos so easily in your closet?

Getting dressed would be a breeze!

McKeon also revealed another surprising Jackie fact. Apparently one of her shoes all had a quarter inch lift on them, because one of her legs was slightly longer than the other. That is definitely not something we would have ever guessed!

It is so cool to learn more about this amazing lady. Jackie Kennedy has been gone for twenty years, but we still wonder about her life to this day. It just goes to show what a powerful and enduring figure she really was.