Anna Gragert
January 23, 2017 1:01 pm
sweetandlovely / Etsy

Though it may be (ice) ages since we learned about these prehistoric creatures in school, dinosaurs are making a comeback! A fashion comeback, that is. Stars such as Winona Ryder, Lady Gaga, and even Selena Gomez have recently been spotted rocking these reptiles on their person — but let’s be real…

Dinosaurs have always been so fucking cool.

To celebrate this universally known fact while embracing a trend we can’t imagine going extinct, we’ve gone out and foraged for some fashionable (not fossilized) finds.

1Sweetandlovely “Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Eat Man Woman Inherits Earth Enamel Lapel Pin”

sweetandlovely / Etsy

Buy here for $13. 

2Forever21 “Dinosaur Print Collared Shirt”


Buy here for $19.90. 

3ModCloth “On a Tide Note Swimsuit Bottom in Dinos”


Buy here for $39.99. 

4ModCloth “Land Before Sublime A-Line Dress in Dinos”


Buy here for $79.99. 

5WLCSHOP “Dinosaur T-Rex Head Jumper”


Buy here for $26.65. 

6Zumiez “A-Lab Get Real Dino T-Shirt”


Buy here for $14.99. 

7ilovemona “Women’s Dinosaur Collared Blouse”

ilovemona / Etsy

Buy here for $40. 

8Topman “Pink Origami Dinosaur Socks”


Buy here for $6. 

9Discovery Channel “T-Rex Slippers”

Discovery Channel

Buy here for $24.95. 

10JanineBasil “T. Rex Dinosaur Headband”

JanineBasil / Etsy

Buy here for $19.05. 

11tinytattoos “Motivational Dinosaur Tiny Temporary Tattoos (pack of 6) For Recovery!”

tinytattoos / Etsy

Buy here for $5.08. 

12LovelyFolds “Origami Dinosaur Collar Clip”

LovelyFolds / Etsy

Buy here for $11. 

13Artlysian “Dinosaur Pterodactyl Silver Necklace”

Artlysian / Etsy

Buy here for $14.64. 

When all is said and done, these beauties are sure to keep you from being a tyrannosaurus wreck.