Jennifer Romolini
Updated May 12, 2014 @ 3:45 pm

Summer 2014 is the season of blocky flatforms and all-white-as-Wite-Out sandals and athletic slides and Tevas and pointy Creepers and suede-y, bumpy Birks. We are in the midst of an “ugly shoe” movement, as fashion people call it, and it’s happening all around us right now: The look is kind of “I’m a 90s normcore grandpa who just took a shower after hiking the Appalachian Trail and these are the shoes that fit my life best.”

What’s good about this trend: if you like these shoes and can pull them off, they’re super super comfortable and about 1,000 times easier to wear than heels. But if they’re too clunky for your taste/wardrobe/body/shape/soul, we found an alternative: these vegan-leather slides are a sleeker, sassier, shinier version of an ugly shoe. They’re sturdy and well-made. They’ve got all the ease of a slide and comfort of a rubber sole, without all the extra heft. They’d be great at the beach or with a summery dress or shorts and they come in a couple of color combinations to suit your mood. Best of all, they’re 100 percent animal free, which is easier on your conscience too.