Jennifer Romolini
Updated Apr 09, 2014 @ 6:00 am

Spring is springing just about everywhere right now, which is (hopefully, after a hellmouth winter in most of the US) making us all feel more lively and dotty and creative. Though January is officially the time for self-improvement and life-altering, come April, I always want to CHANGE STUFF UP, I want my world to feel better and prettier, and I desire to get rid of the things in my place that I’ve grudgingly accepted all winter long – bad throw pillows, makeshift organizing solutions, shower curtains past their prime, you get the idea.

One thing I’m sort of obsessing over this moment and/or my big idea for a decor change agent, is oilcloth fabric. For oilcloth novices (i.e., most humans), oilcloth is a tightly woven fabric (usually cotton) that’s treated with well, oil, so it magically becomes laminated, shiny, waterproof and a cinch to wipe down and clean. It’s also pliable and easy to work with, relatively inexpensive and, best of all, comes in some of the most cheerful retro-ish patterns I’ve ever seen.

Depending on how ambitious you’re feeling, there are approximately one million fun and unique and just plain pretty DIY projects that involve oilcloth, but right now I’m very into table covering, which would totally give my current patio table of sadness new life and looks so cute and OMG you can leave it out in the rain!

There are also accessible oilcloth projects for cool outdoor pillows, serving tray linings, summery clutches, and, slightly more involved, covering an entire set of dining chair seats.

So where can you purchase this wondrous miracle fabric of the gods? Lots and lots of local fabric and craft stores and places online carry it, but I’m especially loving the selection at Etsy shop Oilcloth Addict, which is cool, poppy, colorful, around $15 a yard, and perfect for this very important spring moment.