Jennifer Romolini
Updated Apr 15, 2014 @ 12:43 pm

When I first spotted these sassy-chic gilded-and-tortoise-shell frames I experienced the kind of intense style sensory memory that usually makes me think something has gone wrong with my brain (tumor, stroke, crippling hypochondria) or maybe the movie Inception is real. But then, in a moment, I recalled it all.

These sunglasses remind me of something the ravishingly and unstoppably cool singer Marianne Faithfull would’ve worn in 1967, sashaying out of a London flat on the arm of her boyfriend Mick Jagger, meeting a wall of hungry paparazzi. They remind me of everything that is bold and sexy and unafraid about being female, about strutting around and owning your own style. I want to wear them with a big hat and a one-piece at a snazzier-than-it-needs-to be pool party. I want to throw them on with a t-shirt and cutoffs, just because. I want them on my face walking through New York City in a tie-neck vintage work dress and gold sandals. I want them. I want them to remind me of Marianne and all the cool ladies who came before me. Maya Shades, $20