Jennifer Romolini
Updated Apr 16, 2014 @ 1:24 pm

Sometimes you want a shoe that is not so much shoe as it is an ode to ease and comfort, something you can stumble into, slippety off and don’t have to think about too much in between. Ideally this shoe could be worn almost everywhere with almost everything, especially since this shoe will quickly make all your other footwear seem like a royal pain in ass.

Enter these pretty, low-key Painted Bird crochet flats. They’re airy, light, and colorful, made with rayon and silk yarn and come with a comfy leather insole and sturdy-enough rubber sole. They’re hippie-ish, but not too much, come in a ton of patterns and would be perfect with shorts, summery maxi dresses, or your pajamas when you’re pre-coffee, running out into the world and can’t handle anything else.