Jennifer Romolini
Updated May 21, 2014 @ 4:21 pm

Last time I wrote about shoes as our Item Of The Day the Internet rewarded me, as only the Internet can, with some truly rad comments about how I have terrible taste and I pick ugly things and I have ruined human eyes and I should essentially die in fire. But did this deter me from picking more shoes that I love and think we should all buy?

LA LA LA LA LA. It did not.

I love these little sling-backs. I love that they are flat and comfortable and rubber-sole practical, but not in an “I live a boring life” way. I love that they’re summery and fresh and that they’d make things that are kind of sad on their own (I am looking at you, collection of plain v-neck t-shirts) look stylish and more dressed up. I’d wear them to work with a slim black dress and a bright cardigan. I’d wear them out other places with a concert tee and shorts and my hair in a scrunchie. I’d wear them and I’d wear them and I’d live and feel free.

Addendum: Should this fruity print not suit your personal style, the Lucy Slingback is available in four additional patterns, which include things more nautical and painterly.