Helen Van Winkle is not your average great-grandmother. Sure, she’s 87 years old and lives in Knoxville, TN with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. But she also has an alter ego — a street style icon named Baddie Winkle — with 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Baddie’s look is wildly fun. She loves prints and patterns and feathers. She dons beanies and styles her looks with oversized shoes and big jewelry. The more colorful, the better!

“I don’t feel old,” she told Refinery29. “I have never felt old. I think you can dress any way you want to.”

Baddie’s style is taking Instagram by storm, turning heads with every pic she posts—including those of Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie. Miley even invited Baddie to accompany her to the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend.

So, how exactly does an 87-year-old become an overnight Instagram celeb? Baddie credits her great-granddaughter Kennedy, saying she’s the fashion visionary behind-the-scenes. Kennedy helps pick outfits, style them and complete the looks. Baddie is proof you can wear anything if you wear it with confidence.

Her new look was prompted by the death of her husband and her son. Instead of focusing on all the things she could be sad about, Baddie distracted herself by dressing more boldly and giving herself a style makeover. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself or try something different — even if you’re 87 years young!

It seems like there isn’t anything Baddie won’t wear — but she does have a few rules for herself. “I don’t like ‘old women’ clothes. I never wore them in my life,” she said. “But I would also never be caught dead in pasties or short-shorts that show half of your butt.”

Check out some of Baddie’s best looks!

“I would love to be a role model for older people,” she said. “You’re only here once in your lifetime, so have fun.” We couldn’t agree more! And we’re pretty sure it’s only a matter of time until Baddie makes an appearance on stage at the 1989 tour.

(Images via Instagram.)