In some ways, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into someone else sporting the same outfit you’ve chosen. It can be a good sign that you’ve got great taste for the trendiest items. But as London-based lifestyle blogger Alice Frances realized, it can also get out of control.

After Frances bought a $149 classic-chic coat from Zara, she started seeing it pop up on women all over London.

First, here’s the coat in all its versatile glory.

Credit: Zara

It’s easy to see why something so beautifully simple (yet also very warm) could be appealing to a lot of women. It’s the ultimate go-to coat to prepare for the colder months. And we’re obviously not the only ones who think so.

Frances got such a kick out of seeing the sleek coat all over the city, she created an Instagram account, @thatcoat, which is solely dedicated to sharing pictures of women wearing it.

Seeing so many women of all ages wear it in so many different ways is making us seriously impressed by this coat’s design.

And after so many women have been caught wearing it on-the-go, we can only conclude that it’s perfect for commuting.

Though Frances runs the Instagram account, she encourages people to send her pictures of coat sightings from all over that she then features on their page.

As it turns out, the coat already has some international appeal.

Since the coat is so popular, Frances has dedicated a recent blog post to suggestions on what to pair it with. That is, of course, if you’re lucky enough to find it at all since it’s clearly a hot commodity.

Needless to say, we can totally see why everyone wants #thatcoat.