Second season’s premiere of HBO’s Girls is upon us. As in three days. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking forward to this moment ever since the first season ended. Since this is an extremely big deal (and I have no shame whatsoever about sharing my undying ardor and appreciation for Lena Denham’s brainchild in very big and bold ways), it warrants a celebration. Here are some tips and suggestions on throwing a bodacious (yeah, I said it) Girls party for all your adventurous women (and men).

1. Create ambiance

This means music, confetti and balloons, without a doubt. Here are some suggestions for your party soundtrack that scream and shout girl power and the pangs of youth:

‘When I Grow Up’ – Garbage
‘Bad Girls’ – M.I.A.
‘Dancing On My Own’ – Robyn
‘Sleigh Bells’ – Rill Rill
‘Crazy For You’ – Best Coast
‘Anything Could Happen’ – Ellie Goulding
‘Video Phone’ – Beyoncé
‘F**king Boyfriend’ – The Bird & the Bee
‘I’m a Lady’ – Santigold
‘Some Boys’ – Death Cab For Cutie
‘Cosmic Love’ – Florence and the Machine
‘Ready for the Floor’ – Hot Chip
‘Hands’ – Jewel
‘I Kissed a Girl’ – Katy Perry
‘A Better Son/Daughter’ – Rilo Kiley

2. Serve dinner the GIRLS way

One of the episodes that really speaks to me is the one where Hannah polishes off leftovers when she is visiting home. I’ve probably gained a net weight of 20 pounds from all the times over the years when I’ve drunkenly and despicably snuck into my parents fridge in the middle of the night. From what I can tell, it’s spaghetti that Hannah is munching on. So, instead of serving pasta in bowls or take-out boxes, purchase some of those plastic martini glasses and serve dinner in those. You get a sense of home and chic all in one while you and your girls can discuss Hannah’s very awkward trip home.

3. Make some non-pretentious drinks

Because how lame are bartenders who call themselves “mixologists”? There is nothing classier than a Cosmo, but this recipe shakes things up a bit with hints of pomegranate (hello, antioxidants!). By serving pomegranate cosmos, you are not only keeping it real, but you’re promoting good health.

4. Let them eat cake

Since the last episode of Girls left us with the comforting image of Hannah shoveling wedding cake in her mouth on the beach, re-create this scene by baking a fabulous cake of your own. I’m thinking pink or purple frosting, and many, many sprinkles.

Here’s a recipe that encompasses all things delicious: Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake

5. Party favors

Don’t pretend that this wasn’t your favorite part of attending all those kid birthdays. The plastic bag at the very end filled with candy, lip-balm, and Pokemon cards always sealed the deal. Ideas for your adult-version Girls premier party bag:

  • A diary for all of your girl angst and worries.
  • Pen to get you started on all of those essays you wanted to write. Remember. YOU are at least ONE of the voices of our generation!
  • Blow Pops for safe measure.
  • Mints, because you never know when you’ll need them and which strangers you’ll run into.
  • Friendship bracelet-sometimes you need plastic beads and string to symbolizeeverlasting friendships, for old time’s sake.
  • Gift card to the hot thrift store downtown that sells all of the newest trends, including mesh tank-tops and jeans with the skinny leg.

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