Want to fit in perfectly with the front-row fashionistas at New York Fashion Week? Writer Victoria Floethe of Look TV and The Desire Project is on task to show you the way.

How To Be a Fashion Snob:

The Proper Walk Perfect your strut, all while corresponding on your iPhone and clutching a huge bag.

“Dead-Face” Master that emotionless “dead-face,” revealing nothing. The only time you can show emotion is when someone posts a cute cat photo on Instagram.

Have An Assistant Get an assistant even if you are one; they’re the best accessories. Then make sure to continuously bother your assistant so she always knows her place and must question whether you love her or hate her at all times.

Know Your Designers Try to mention the right designers in conversation: Nicolas Ghesquière, Valentino, Consuelo Castiglioni. They’re always changing, so if you run out of names, just make one up.

Diet Just drink green juice and smoke. It’s better if you inhale. Go on a month-long cleanse every few months. Your assistant must always be on a cleanse.

Never Judge Never judge someone’s outfit out loud, even though you’re totally judging them. Just glance at their shoes.

How To Dress Dress like the Italians. The French. The British. The preppy Americans from Nantucket. Or just wear an insane fascinator hat.

Did we miss any tips? Do you know a fashion snob? Share horror stories below!

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