Sarah Terry
December 01, 2016 3:50 pm

The holiday season is here. Besides delicious food, piles of presents, and delightful decorations, this season means party after party. Holiday party fashion has become a season unto itself, and it’s important to be ready. Sequence, sparkles, tights, and cozy sweaters are all holiday staples. But if you feel like your holiday fashion has gotten a little dull, we have some inspiration that might help. Why not turn to some of your favorite characters for inspiration that will turn into fairytale-worthy fashion. We’ve collected some fabulous holiday fashion inspiration based on some of your favorite Disney princesses.

1. Ariel from The Little Mermaid


This sparkly green dress will make you feel like an undersea princess.  

Find it at H&M for $129.00.

2. Belle from Beauty and the Beast


This bejeweled gold mini-dress will make you want to dance in a grand ballroom.

Urban Outfitters /

3. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin


You’ll feel as brave and fabulous as the Princess in this stunning satin red jumpsuit.  

Express /

4. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty


You’ll feel like you’re walking once upon a dream in this dusty rose-colored gown.

Modcloth /

5. Elsa from Frozen


What better way to celebrate the holidays than by taking inspiration from our favorite Disney ice queen?  

Find this dress at ASOS for $79.00.

6. Meg from Hercules


Channel our fave sassy Disney lady in a stunning Grecian purple gown.

Modcloth /

Find this dress on Modcloth for $100.00.

7. Cinderella from Cinderella


Everyone will think a fairy godmother dressed you in this fab gown.  

Find it at H&M for $69.99.

8. Rupunzel from Tangled


You won’t want to be trapped in a tower in this lavender stunner.

Target /

9. Alice from Alice in Wonderland


Take a wintery walk through Wonderland in this stunning blue dress.  

Find this dress at ASOS for $37.00.

With great looks like these, you’ll be ready for the winter season.

Which Disney lady will you be this holiday season?