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Marie Lodi
December 21, 2018 9:09 am
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Let’s be real, sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for a dude, whether it’s your dad, zaddy, husband, booty call, brother from another mother, or other male-identifying person in your life. We can’t blame you if you’ve put off shopping for them until the week before Christmas—it can be a stressful ordeal! But don’t fret, we gotchu.

Below, 22 gift ideas for guys, from grooming goodies, to bangin’ board games, and snazzy tech.


$119 Ekster SHOP IT

This wallet has a tracking device, so he can live out his James Bond fantasies (and make sure his scrilla is safe).

2MeUndies Mystery Boxer Brief 10-Pack

$150 MeUndies SHOP IT

Mystery bags are always fun, especially when they’re filled with one of the most important pieces in a dude’s wardrobe: comfy man panties.

3n:PHILANTHROPY Carl Long Sleeve

$110 Philanthropy SHOP IT

A cozy shirt is another VIP staple in a man’s life. n:PHILANTHROPY always gets it right, and SO right, you’ll probably end up stealing this long-sleeve for yourself.

4This Is Ground Cord Taco Grande 3-Pack

This Is Ground
$25 This Is Ground SHOP IT

He’ll never lose his earphones again with this slick three pack of cord tacos, available in 10 shades. Mmm, tacos.

5hims Everyday Moisturizer

Hims has everything from hair growth products to supplements. This moisturizer can help your bro finally get into the habit of taking care of his skin.

6Hawthorne Subscription

$15 Hawthorne SHOP IT

You might have to trick him into taking a quiz on Hawthorne’s website, but it will be worth it. This new subscription men’s grooming brand creates customized body products according to his body chemistry, lifestyle habits, and more.

7Badass Beard Care The Outlaw Beard Oil

Badass Beard Oil
$14 Badass Beard Oil SHOP IT

If he’s got serious face fur, he’ll appreciate this beard oil that smells like sweet tobacco, vanilla, and black pepper.

8Old Spice Beard Collection

Old Spice
$49.99 Old Spice SHOP IT

Lovingly gift him and his beard this collection from the iconic brand Old Spice.

9Boy De Chanel

Boy De Chanel
$65 Boy De Chanel SHOP IT

If he’s a man who loves makeup, this luxe Chanel line will be the best gift ever.

10Crosley CT100 Cassette Player

$59.95 Crosley SHOP IT

If your man still owns a stack of cassingles from back in the day, get him this retro cassette player from Crosley. It features a tape deck, AM/FM Radio, a headphone jack, and a built-in microphone so you can record your own Christmas duet.

11Crosley Gig Shelf System

$169 Crosley SHOP IT

Does he prefer vinyl? This sleek record system will bring him utmost joy.

12Polk Audio Command Bar

$299 Polk SHOP IT

If he’s into more modern technology, consider getting this command bar, which features Amazon Alexa capability and rich, clear audio.

13Nokia 7.1

$349.99 Nokia SHOP IT

For the guy who’s considering saying goodbye to his iPhone, this new Nokia, with its HDR display and dual rear depth-sensing camera, would make an awesome gift.

14Belkin PowerHouse™ Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

$99.99 Belkin SHOP IT

Keep his electronics fully powered with this dual charging dock.

15Nintendo 2DS XL System

$149.99 Nintendo SHOP IT

Every gamer guy needs the new Nintendo 2DS XL System, which can play more than 1,000 different games and already has Mario Kart 7 pre-installed.

16Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition

Fantasy Flight
$31.96 Fantasy Flight SHOP IT

If your guy loves Star Wars AND board games, he’s going to love X-Wing.


$31.79 Blue Orange Games SHOP IT

And if he’s a plant dad/loves board games, Photosynthesis is the jam.

18Exit: The Abandoned Cabin Card Game

$9.69 Thames & Cosmos SHOP IT

This escape room-themed game is going to be fun for the both of you.

19 MeUndies

$78 MeUndies SHOP IT

If underwear wasn’t enough for your man-pal, why not get matching onesies? This one comes in black, for your romantic goth nights in.

20Nectar Sleep Mattress

$399-$899 Nectar SHOP IT

Nothing will compare to a gift of a good night’s sleep. Hook him up (and you, if you want to get it for your boo) with a new memory foam mattress from Nectar.

21Not the Tees Men’s T-Shirt

$19.99 Modcloth SHOP IT

There’s a Nic Cage face for every mood. This is another shirt you’d probably want to keep for yourself.


$89 average, but varies Bombfell SHOP IT

If his New Year’s resolution is to be more stylish, this men’s fashion-themed subscription service can help him achieve it.

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