Devan McGuinness
September 14, 2016 12:58 pm
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When we’re getting ready for a hot night on the town with our friends, we always reach for our favorite pair of heels that always gives us a boost in confidence.

They’re not always the most comfortable footwear, especially if you’re going dancing or you know…walking, but they’re always there for us when we want to feel our best.

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But, they also have quite an interesting history. Musician and performance artist Dorian Electra put together an incredible video that takes us on the unexpected and magical journey of the shoes.

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As Refinery29 points out, their history starts with the Persian cavalry where high heels were conjured up to help the riders get a better grip on their horses’ stirrups — and it just got even more interesting from there.

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High heels went from war to the pinnacle of masculinity where only men rocked the high footwear and were found on the feet of the King, that is, until women started to wear the shoes.

The entire video takes us all the way to today and beyond, complete with a catchy song that is going to be stuck in our heads. We’ll be strutting down the street feelin’ ourselves, all thanks to our shoes.

YouTube / Riot

Check it out, below!

Who knew shoes had such a rich history?