Was Hilary Duff just caught leaving a “Bend and Snap” workshop? We only ask because Duff’s latest outfit totally transformed her into Elle Woods, of Legally Blonde fame. Supposedly, a pink-and-sparkly Duff was busy shooting an episode for her television show Younger. But we’re not ruling out the idea that she may have just won the case of a lifetime under the alias ‘Elle Woods.’

Duff was spotted in New York yesterday sporting a super glittery bubblegum pink dress. It came complete with ruffled detailing on the bodice and sleeves. Overtop her business/party dress, Duff wore a thigh-length blush pink trench coat. She also carried a envelope-style blush pink clutch.

Credit: Getty Images / Alessio Botticelli

Upon seeing the below photo of Duff alongside her Younger costar, Sutton Foster, we’re convinced the show must be shooting a Legally Blonde-themed episode. Foster also wore an all-pink ensemble, although Duff outdid her in the sparkle department.

Credit: Getty Images / Alessio Botticelli

The wardrobe team must have shopped in Elle Woods’ closet for this scene.

Also, can we take a minute to look at Duff’s mega-platform heels? Walking in those must take some serious balance and skill.

Credit: Getty Images / Alessio Botticelli

Plus, the fact that they’re nude helps elongate Duff’s legs. That fashion trick is totally Elle Woods-approved. Bonus points if your shoes aren’t from last season!

Although no one can replace Reese Witherspoon in her role as Elle, we’re totally on board with Hilary Duff cosplaying as America’s favorite blonde law student. And if there’s ever a follow-up in the Legally Blonde franchise, we request that Duff play a supporting role!